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Monday, February 18, 2013

Comfort Food... With a Foreign Flair!

First...  a little mood music... (just click and minimize the new window to enjoy a you read!)

We have lots of old cookbooks lining the shelves of our kitchen.  Many of them we keep for their novelty value, or for their wonderful illustrations.  The Better Homes and Gardens series of small, brightly colored cookbooks from the early 1960's fulfill both of these requirements and, surprisingly, have some edible recipes!  I say this because many of these vintage book's recipes are more fun to read than to eat.

One of my favorite titles in this series is Meals with a Foreign Flair!  It sounds so PROUD of itself for embracing something new, something exciting!  And, in fact, for the time maybe they are a little daring.  Rather than just rubbing a pan with a clove of garlic before cooking, some of these recipes actually contain a clove of garlic!

On tonight's menu is an old favorite of mine, Tamale Pie.  There's nothing foreign about it, and I wouldn't exactly say it has flair...  But it's old-fashioned and delicious and perfect for a cold winter's night!

Look at that tamale-like goodness bubbling away on the

Plop on a little cornbread topping...  (Is "plop"
an acceptable culinary term?)

And there you have it...  A Tamale Pie!
Of course, this is a VINTAGE image...  mine is
still in the oven...

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