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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Things We're Loving Right Now...

There's lots to love in this world.  And, when it comes to the creative life, there are countless things that inspire and excite us.

Here's a list of just a few of our current "favorite things"!

Someone's going to have to get this for
Christmas at the Dapper and Dreamy house.
It's the perfect place to keep your cake fresh or,
if you don't eat it first, truck it along to a swell
holiday party!  A great combination of retro and
French...  We really like that!  You can find it, along
with a lot of other fabulous baking supplies, at World Market.

Re-released at an amazing price ($16.99 at Target!), our favorite
seasons of I Love Lucy come in sets with some nifty
updated graphics.  Happily, the same old Lucy lurks inside.
These episodes have been making us laugh forever, and they
never seem to get old.  If you want something funny and
comforting to watch, I Love Lucy will remind
you that, though the world's seen all the triumph and tragedy of life
before, Lucy never changes!

I've said it before...  Few things beat the Letraset Promarker
when it comes to illustrating and design.  Clear, rich colors
in a huge variety at half the cost of some of the better known
markers.  And, they're made in the UK!

Dreamy discovered this online magazine, and
it is a good one.  Always full of fresh ideas and inspiring
style articles, it's friendly and approachable, as well
as up-to-the-minute.

If you're a crafter and haven't seen this UK magazine,
 you are really missing out.  Profiles of other artists and crafters
who've made it and understand that innate need to create,
patterns and endless ideas, Mollie Makes will inspire
you to keep creating your dream.
An old book for your reading enjoyment...
I can't believe I hadn't read this book before now, but
it's one of the most interesting I've seen when it
comes to describing life as an employee/friend of
Jackie Kennedy.  Once you've finished reading it, you'll
feel you know the former First Lady much better.
We might have mentioned our love for vintage
Shiny Brite ornaments a few hundred times, but
have we told you about the NEW Shiny Brites by
Christopher Radko?  Using the original designs, these sparkly
Yuletide gems come in endless, new color combinations
and will give your tree all the glitter it needs for a
festive, and retro, Christmas!  I found mine at
T.J. Maxx/HomeGoods.

A new book for your reading enjoyment!  From one
of my favorite authors (we profiled William Kuhn's book
on Jackie Kennedy's career as an editor, "Reading Jackie"
several months ago).  This time he turns his brilliant mind and
writing style to imagining what would happen if the Queen
escaped from Buckingham Palace.  Delightful for those who love
the Royal Family, and even those who might not!

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