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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Crafting With Candy

It's true...  certain members of the Dapper and Dreamy family love candy.  Harry, who is nine, has become rather entrepreneurial about it...  He runs his own candy shop!  He has a loyal following - six brothers and a sister - who keep his fledgling business more than afloat.

But candy eating can create a certain amount of mess in the form of those brightly colored wrappers.  What to do?  Well, the Dreamy half of this team has put together a few fun crafting ideas.  Not only are they rather charming, but look at the eco-friendly use of otherwise discarded items!  Why, these ideas are good for the earth, too!

Why not frame your family in the sparkling violet and silver wrappers of
C. Howard's famous violent mints!  Not only is the look charming, but
they'll smell delicious, too...

What house doesn't need a pink kitchen?  And what pink
kitchen doesn't need a fabulous jawbreaker wreath?
Trust me, properly lacquered, this thing will last forever...

Need some new fashions for your favorite doll?  Why not make
her a stylish rainslicker out of Mary Jane wrappers?  Hand-sewn
by Dreamy herself, this little jacket oozes retro charm!

And little George is perfectly sweet in his Mary Jane
picture frame...  Guess who had to eat all the Mary Jane's
to make these crafts possible?

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