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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

What's New at Dapper and Dreamy

There are so many projects in the hopper at Dapper and Dreamy, it's hard to know where to begin.  I can tell you that illustrating has taken up a lot of my time, along with trying to find the best papers for printing, the best felt for stocking making and the best ways to reproduce our art at a lower cost and maintain quality.  What this is all leading to, I hope, is a lot of future success.  While we've made many starts here at Dapper and Dreamy, we can see that to take things to a new level, a lot of planning is involved.  It's also important to build up a large portfolio, and that's just we are working on now.

We're also gearing some of our future products to specific types of locations that match up with our style and interests.  That's fun because it provides an even clearer framework from which to design.  Someday, that little Dapper and Dreamy couple will be sweeping the nation!  Along with our retro felt stockings, historical illustrations and depictions of some of our favorite rooms, both real and imagined.

So, in an effort to let you in on what's new at Dapper and Dreamy, here are a few of our latest creations!

Here's the cover of our 2014 calendar...  That's right, we're
already looking toward 2014!

Did you know that you can still use those beautiful
vintage postage stamps of yesteryear?  Indeed!  They are
legal tender.  We've spent hours at our local stamp shop finding
interesting and attractive stamps to create lively combinations
on high quality, brightly colored, fully lined envelopes.

Jackie Kennedy has always been a favorite of the
Dapper and Dreamy couple.  And why not?  We've
created a whimsical Jackie pillow using this
design, depicting JBK in the Oleg Cassini
gown she wore for the 1961 Inaugural Gala.

This card is headed to the LBJ Library in the hope that
they might find it useful in their Shop at the LBJ.  The actual card
is trimmed with faux mink to replicate the edging
on Lady Bird Johnson's 1965 Inaugural coat.

Like Mrs. LBJ's Inaugural gown, Mamie Eisenhower's pink
satin confection will be the highlight of a card designed with
the Eisenhower Library in mind.  Stay tuned for more
first lady fashion cards.

"Lucy, I'm home!"  Lucy wouldn't have to 'splain this card
depicting the famous Ricardo living room.  Authentically
reproduced in the Dapper and Dreamy style, the Ricardo apartment
kicks of a series of images illustrating favorite rooms
from the world of classic TV!

An illustration for an upcoming Thanksgiving essay, this
picture depicts the Dapper and Dreamy kitchen as it should be.
OK, so a little artistic license was taken, but it's not so
far from the reality!

An oldie but goodie.  There's nothing I love
more than retro Christmas and I think I could spend
hours doing this card in a variety of colors.

There's so much more to share, but we'll wait until next time.  For now...  Have a Dapper and Dreamy day!

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