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Saturday, March 23, 2013

Blossoming Branches

For our money, nothing makes a grander statement in the springtime than enormous arrangements of flowering branches.  And, owing to where the blossoms tend to bloom, most of the arrangements we get tend to be rather enormous!

It's amazing how much is going on in the garden at this time of year.  When we look out of the windows, we see endless tasks to complete and wonder if I'll ever get any of it done.  We also ask ourselves why we didn't get rid of all those leaves MONTHS ago!  Oh well, it seems to come together in some form every year. But, what really impresses us is that a trip around the yard can yield so much effortless beauty.  Our blue and white Chinese vase is holding flowering currant, ornamental cherry, witch hazel, flowering quince and a bit of forsythia.  Another trip to the garden will offer bowers of bright pink camellias, but we're saving those for Easter.

If you want to fill your house with some spectacular natural beauty, go out and prune some trees!  It's almost impossible to go wrong.

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