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Saturday, October 29, 2011

Some of the Best Things to Eat in Eugene... And Maybe the World!

Sweet, fragrant, crunchy...
Candied violets are dreamy!
Oh how I wish I would have had a camera with me...  We enjoyed one of the loveliest desserts today...  A Violette Sundae at a local shop, Marche Provisions at Eugene's Fifth Street Market.

A generous scoop of delicious vanilla bean gelatto, a large spoonful of hot fudge, whipped cream and candied violets.  Those crunchy, purple, sweetly scented violet candies add not only a whimsical look to the sundae, but a surprisingly delicious flavor!

Marche Provisions has other marvelous sundae ideas, including the Elvis, which includes roasted bananas, caramel and nuts.  The King would approve!

Speaking of marvelous foods, let's turn to my absolutely favorite Eugene splurge of the moment...  The Vintage Restaurant.

The Vintage Restaurant
(This image is from the Vintage's Facebook page.)

The Vintage specializes in crepes, both savory and sweet, and while there are other tempting foods on offer, I can't seem to move past the Cheeky Chicken.  Filled with roasted red peppers, chicken, pesto and mozzarella, it is heavenly.  But, save room for dessert (actually, it doesn't matter if you save room for dessert or not, you still must have it)...  The sweet Gone Bananas Crepe is perhaps the best dessert I have ever...  EVER eaten at a restaurant.  I kid you not when I say that I am tempted to lick the plate when I've eaten all the I can with a fork - something that I find particularly disgusting, but would make an exception for here.  The menu describes the Gone Bananas as being filled with, "fresh sliced bananas caramelized in butter and brown sugar, sprinkled with candied pecans."  The butter and brown sugar makes the most delicious caramel sauce ever with just the right amount of saltiness to bring out the buttery goodness (I am very much against all of this unsalted butter baking...  the salt adds to the flavor, in my opinion).  The slight tartness of the fresh bananas keeps the dessert from being too sweet, and the candied pecans add a pleasing crunch.  It really is one of the very best things I've ever eaten, and I have eaten a lot of good things!  Unfortunately, I have the annoying habit of feeling that many restaurant and bakery foods could be better made at home (the advantage of home being that you can add favorite ingredients and take away some that are not as pleasing to your palate).  But, in the case of The Vintage, I don't think the originals could possibly be improved upon.  You also have to take into account the cozy, welcoming ambiance of this very old converted house in Eugene's downtown.  It's a lovely place for a summer lunch, but I can imagine that it's warmth would be even more apparent on a rainy autumn night.  The service is friendly and casual, and the staff seems to feel genuinely proud of the delicious food on offer.

Inside the Vintage...
(This image comes from the Vintage's Facebook page.)

So, those of you who are far away...  eat your hearts out!  And, those of you who are near enough to Eugene to do so, visit these two restaurants and...  eat your hearts out!

Marche Provisions is located in the 5th Street Market at 5th and High in Eugene, Oregon.

The Vintage is located at 837 Lincoln Street in Eugene, Oregon.

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