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Thursday, October 27, 2011

A Dapper and Dreamy Product Recommendation

First, let me be clear...  As willing as I am to accept cash in return for my product recommendations, I don't think Dapper and Dreamy has arrived at a point where they are going to be offered.  So...  I will just have to give you my honest opinion about some really fabulous things!

With the holidays approaching, it's a good time to think about the scent of your home.  In year's past, friends of my wife would say that our house smelled like some lovely boutique.  Who doesn't want to hear that?  Well, eight kids (seven of them boys) and one small dog later, we have to work hard to live up to this compliment.  Thank goodness for incense, scented wax melts and Mrs. Meyer's plug-ins!  And, for perhaps one of the loveliest season candles ever...  The Peace Candle from Aroma Naturals

This candle smells good enough to drink!  It's a combination of oranges and cloves and reminds me of wassail.  It is a truly delicious candle.  It comes in many sizes, and in two colors - ruby and pearl - and once you have experienced it, you will insist that your house is filled with this aroma through the holidays and into the new year.

I believe that these are available through the bookshop, but you can certainly find them at Aroma Natural's online store, and I highly recommend that you pick up a few!

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