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Monday, August 29, 2011

Movie of the Week... Emma

Romola Garai, in the title role of Emma.
It's hard to beat the British when it comes to fabulous television, and even more fabulous adaptations of classic books.  Virtually every Jane Austen, The Forsyte Saga...  the list is endless.  In 2009, the BBC came out with yet another version of Austen's Emma.  Far superior to any other version I've seen so far, this Emma is a charming and riveting take on the 19th century classic.

Every actor in Emma seems to completely inhabit their respective part, playing their roles with wit and a convincing naturalness.  This miniseries is punctuated by lovely, and new, music that will stay with you long after the performance has concluded.  As ever with British productions, the settings will make you want to cover your walls and furniture in brightly colored silks and spend a fortune revamping your gardens.

Picnics, like obsequious vicars, always
seem to play a part in the Jane Austen books.

The story isn't overshadowed by all of these things, however.  The tale of a young, privileged woman who takes enormous pleasure in her (perceived) matchmaking abilities is a clever reminder of how interfering in the lives of others can have unintended consequences.  There are so many interesting stories at play that a lesser production could leave one confused.  Not so, here.  This version of Emma retains all of the period charm, but speaks to a modern audience.

As always, a happy Austen ending.

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  1. The song 'Seaside' from that movie is so beautiful,it makes me cry.