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Friday, July 1, 2011

Pierre... The Dapperest Dog We Know

This is Pierre.  Pierre took over fifty years to make.  That's right...  fifty years.  You see, Pierre was a kit, circa 1960, found at a local thrift shop.  The box, in perfect condition, had been opened but despite the promise that even a three year old could make Pierre, he had not, in fact, ever been made.

Perhaps it was the cheap, rough, tacky, unnatural acrylic yarn that came with Pierre.  Or, maybe it was given to some craftless, ungrateful child who never bothered to uncover the beauty that was hidden within the cardboard box.  Regardless of why, Pierre eventually came to our happy home and, thanks to a talented mother/mother-in-law and an excellent yarn store here in town, Pierre has at last found life. 
And for those of you wondering if Pierre is a boy or a girl (the name makes it obvious, but the cape and diamonds confuse things a bit), let's just say that Pierre is perfectly comfortable with his sense of style.

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