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Friday, July 1, 2011

Original Art, Invitations and Other Fun Things Coming Soon!

As we mentioned before, we're planning to open an Etsy store in conjunction with the Dapper and Dreamy blog.  In honor for the Fourth of July, I thought I'd post one of our pieces, although it won't do you much good until next year.  These invitations will come in packs of eight and will be ready to post to your family and friends for an exciting Independence Day party!

This watercolored  invitation can be personalized with date, time and other
party specifics on the reverse.
 You can also buy prints from our series of paintings of the jewels of Queen Elizabeth II.

The famous sapphire brooch of the Empress
Marie Feodorovna of Russia.

The Cambridge Emerald brooch, sure
to be worn by the new Duchess of Cambridge
one day.
 In additions, a print based on the covers of vintage Vogue magazines...

And a little pleine air watercolor of my favorite California Poppies, so evident at this time of year...

Keep your eyes open for some great shopping opportunities with Dapper and Dreamy...  The Shop!

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