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Friday, February 28, 2014

Wedding Madness!

It's finally happened...  I can ignore it no longer...  I am well and officially an adult.  How have I confirmed this fact?  My darling daughter has just announced her engagement.  A June wedding is in the (rather too near!) offing and I will be...  The Father of the Bride.

The Father of the Bride?  That's Spencer Tracy!  That's at least twenty years in the future!!  Well, actually, it's less than four months in the future...

So, what does a modern father of the bride do?  Is he just there to pick up the tab for the caterers, the stationers, the bakers and the dressmaker?  In this case...  No!  I've been recruited on all fronts and, to be completely honest, it's all rather fun.  The invitations are designed (by me...  With LOTS of input from the happy couple), the cake is chosen (guess who's baking?!) and the menu is set (again...  you'll find me in the kitchen wielding pots, pans and lots of edible glitter).

It's terribly fun to be a "modern" dad - not hemmed in by old notions of what my role has to be.  It's exciting to be involved and in the mix and it's kind of reassuring to know that my daughter still needs me.  It's also comforting to see how she and her fiancee are approaching the big day.  No expectations of gigantic meringue like dresses, stretch limos or enormous, impersonal parties to follow.  Rather, an intimate, charming, very personal event that will create lasting memories instead of momentary stress for all involved.  The "reception" is more of a party - a real celebration of a life begun.  The whole thing designed to reflect the fun-loving, stylish and somewhat whimsical personalities involved.

In truth, I'm absolutely delighted to be The Father of the Bride...  It's a once in a lifetime chance (for me!) and I'm running with it!

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