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Thursday, July 4, 2013

These People Are Doing It Right!

This is both Dapper and Dreamy's blog, even though Dapper seems to be the chief scribe.  Today, I wanted to take a moment to highlight some of our favorite blogs...  Most of them are followed daily by Dreamy who gets endless inspiration from them.  I love them, too, but have had a sort of tunnel-vision of late!  Each of these blogs or, in a couple of cases websites for businesses, is doing something, or multiple things RIGHT!  They are all labors of love, they all give more than they take and they are all committed to making people happier.  What could be better?

Here we go...

Dolls and Daydreams Sewing Patterns

Dreamy LOVES to make dolls and doll clothes.  I think she's made about twenty doll dresses in the last two days...  OK, I exaggerate, but there's been a lot of activity at that sewing machine lately!  No only are the dolls and sewing patterns at this site very, very charming, the owner encourages you to use her patterns any way you like...  You can even SELL the dolls you make from these patterns!  Now, that might not seem like such a big deal but it's rare that people are willing to let you buy their patterns and then use them to make something to actually sell on your own.  I understand that reasons for that, believe me, but I also see a huge generosity of spirit on the part of this creator.  What a great way to help others enjoy the creative life!

The House That Lars Built

This blog is fun, fabulous and inspiring.  From great craft projects to wonderfully endearing stories about interesting and generous people, The House That Lars Built shows you that the dream of making a living as a creative person CAN come true.  It's got a lovely punch of Scandinavian style (which we LOVE) and the creator's personality and love of what she's doing just makes you want to support her work.  Dreamy is DYING to go to one of her paper flower making workshops and you will too once you start following this great blog.

Back In the Day Bakery

Anyone who's trying to encourage people to enjoy old-fashioned American baked goods deserves to be spotlighted!  You've read my frequent complaints that it's impossible to find a wonderful, basic American chocolate cake (or any kind of American-style cake) in this town...  If you're in Savannah, GA, or if you buy their cookbook, you won't be able to complain anymore!  Fun, friendly, approachable, this couple is a boon to home bakers!  Visit their website or, if you are in Savannah, their  fantastic bakery!

There are so many more blogs/sites to list, but these are just three that I've enjoyed especially today.  What are your favorite blogs/sites?  Leave us a comment and share them!

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