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Saturday, April 20, 2013

English Bluebells

A bluebell song?  Who knew?!

I love bluebells...  It's really that simple.  Of all the spring flowers, what can be prettier than that lovely misty sea of blue carpeting a little woodland or a corner of the garden?  An, when you look at them closely, they really do look like perfect, little blue bells.

There are all sorts of things that one could say about the events of the last week.  In fact, it's already been said over and over again.  So, rather than adding my two cents, I'll add bluebells.  As long as there are things like bluebells and lilacs and giant, creamy dogwood blossoms around to look at and smell, there's more than enough beauty to go around.  In spite of everything, the world holds immense beauty, unending surprise and perfect peace...  Sometimes you just have to turn away from the sad and the bad to notice it.

My own addition to the world of bluebells...

I'd love to go traipsing through this sea of bluebells...

Botanical bluebells!

White bluebells?  Why not?!

Perfect... little... blue... bells.

 Oh boy...  For some odd reason, all this talk of bluebells made me hungry for...

Blueberry Pancakes!!!

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