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Monday, May 21, 2012

Times are Changing at Dapper and Dreamy

I've loved writing this blog for the past year, and it's been fun to talk with all of you about our thoughts and ideas.  But, the Dapper and Dreamy blog as it is right now isn't quite what I'd envisioned.  It's become a little too heavy on my own opinions and insights, and a little to light on inspiring people, places and ideas.  When I first envisioned Dapper and Dreamy, it was as a place where, each day, you would be exposed to something new, something forgotten and something special.  A movie, a song, a book.  An idea for a family activity or a date.  A reminder of something old or nostalgic that we might want to reincorporate into our lives today.  So, over the next few weeks, I am going to be working to change Dapper and Dreamy to be more of what it was intended to be - a relatively short, witty and entertaining daily visitor.  A quick chat about something or someone that will add a bit of color and panache to our lives.

Dapper and Dreamy isn't just a blog, either.  It's really a way of thinking and seeing the world yesterday, today and tomorrow.  It's about turning up the volume on the good and worthy, and fading the bland, mundane and negative out.  It's about creating a style of living and thinking.  Dapper and Dreamy is a blog, an Etsy shop, a very, very small publisher and a participant in art, craft and gift fairs.  It's about embracing the new, the stylish and the charming, with an eye firmly set on the old, the retro and the nostalgic.

So, keep coming back and let us know what you think of our new direction.  Tell your friends about Dapper and Dreamy and, most of all, BE Dapper and Dreamy yourself!

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