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Monday, April 16, 2012

Introducing the New Dapper and Dreamy Couple

That Shamrock-laden Dapper and Dreamy Couple was looking a little tired, don't you think?  Time for a new, up-to-date couple!  As you'll see, Dapper looks the same as ever...  large round head and Fred Astaire  influence sartorial spirit.  But Dreamy's had quite a makeover!  A few pounds have obviously been shed, and her style has turned decidedly chic.  Does this mean that the days of Dreamy and her holiday-inspired ensembles are over?  Of course not!  But, as you can see, this happy couple is getting ready for London's Diamond Jubilee celebrations...  See Buckingham Palace in the background?  Dreamy insisted that she needed to channel the Duchess of Cambridge for this event, not Mrs. Claus.

While the "real" Dapper and Dreamy couple will be watching the Jubilee events via the wonders of CNN and BBC America, at least we can imagine the illustrated version dashing from garden party to pre-concert picnics on the Palace lawns!

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