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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Happy Birthday, Doris Day!

It's Doris Day Day!

Today, Doris celebrates her 88th birthday, and she's sure been busy this year.  She's released an album of all-new, never-before-heard songs recorded in some 30 years ago with her late son as the producer.  There's also a new 2 CD set out with pieces selected by Doris herself (31 songs in all) and a new four film DVD set from TCM.  I understand that Doris Day films, 28 of them, are also filling the TCM evening schedule throughout the week.

It's no secret that Dapper and Dreamy thinks Doris is the bees knees.  There's not a star that's been brighter (she's still the biggest box office draw ever to hit Hollywood) or a person that's tried to do more good with their life than Ms. Day.  Her films continue to be fabulous all-ages entertainment.  Her music still attracts legions of new fans.  And, how many thousands (millions?) of neglected animals have her or her foundation to thank for a new lease on life?  Bringing joy to millions of people, and animals, is a wonderful legacy, if you ask me.  And, to still be so involved and aware at 88?  Yes, please!

Despite what we see on the covers of tabloids (Doris Day's Sad Last Days, Doris Day Loses Memory, Doris Day Can't Bear to Look Back), you sure could fool the real Doris.  Judging by the interviews she's recently given, her "last" days seem to be pretty full, and joyful ones.  Far from living like a reclusive pauper, Day remains in her recently updated Carmel Valley home, surrounded by her beloved animals and countless friends who pay her regular visits.  Still active and lively, the Carmel Safeway remains a favorite haunt.

There's something special about Doris Day that makes us love and admire her.  Sure, she's a star, but she's also as friendly, down-to-earth and humble a person you'll find.  Far from shunning her past, in a recent interview she shared her love for her career, for the people she worked with and for the experiences she's had.  And, no memory?  Her recall of the many adventures she's had, and the challenges she's faced, is probably better than mine.  And I'm fifty years younger!

So, as you flip through the channels tonight, or try to find a movie to watch or a song to listen too, why not choose one of Doris Day's wonderful works.  That's what we're doing here, at the Dapper and Dreamy house!

Happy 88th Birthday, Doris Day!

The Dapper and Dreamy, Doris Day Movie Marathon

Romance on the High Seas 
(Doris' first film made with her pal, and one of our favorite character actors, Jack Carson.)

By the Light of the Silvery Moon
(With Gordon MacRae and a fabulous family)

On Moonlight Bay
(Bill and Marjorie again!)

The Man Who Knew Too Much
(Jimmy and Doris entangled in international espionage!)

Young at Heart
(With Frank Sinatra and a great house...)

Midnight Lace
(Who would want to kill Doris Day?!?!  Well, maybe her husband, Rex Harrison...
Also, a great part for Myrna Loy as Aunt Bea)

Lover Come Back
(Rock and Doris...  Do I have to say anymore?)

Pillow Talk

Send Me No Flowers
(Ditto again, but a reminder to pay attention to Tony Randall...  He's hilarious in all three of these
films, but this one, especially.)

The Thrill of It All
(With James Garner...  Really about as believable a screen couple as there ever was.)

That Touch of Mink
(With Cary Grant...  Two of our very, very favorites together...  a true cinematic gem!)

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