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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Sick and Sleepy, Not Dapper and Dreamy

I'm afraid that the winter yuck has taken hold at the Dapper and Dreamy house.  And, there's nothing I'd like more than a giant bag of my aunt and mom's Spritz Cookies to eat right now.  However, Christmas is long past and I'll have to settle for the memory.  But, as a homage to the beloved Spritz, enjoy this repost of an old article from my other, and less active, blog, The Wide World of Jake...

Well, Christmastime has come and gone and, if you're at all like me, you can't wait until the next yuletide season! Of course, there's lots of fun to be had in the meantime, but nothing beats Christmas in my book. For me, the best time of year starts on September 24 (my birthday!) and ends on December 31. Perhaps there is nothing I like better about the holiday season than the gift my mom and aunt put together for us each year. There's always a huge basket with lots of delicious homemade treats. And, in that basket, nothing is better than the much loved Spritz cookie...

An Ode to Spritz Cookies

By Jacob Gariepy, Poet?

Oh dear Spritz cookies, how I love thee so much,
So buttery and crispy and light to the touch.
How I could sit upon my bed and eat thee bite by bite,
All morning, all evening, and all through the night.

The tiny green trees leaving nothing to waste,
Their rich delicious aroma and wonderful taste,
The wee bitty stars and teeny pink wreaths,
Makes me so happy right down to my knees.

How I like to take you and pick you apart,
The taste of each cookie warmeth my heart.
As I munch and crunch and chew every bite,
I know nothing more fun, not by day or by night.

But then, at last, the tragic moment draws near,
The bag, once so full, is now empty, I fear.
And now for more Spritz cookies, I simply must wait,
Until next Christmas night, what a deplorable fate.

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