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Monday, November 28, 2011

Christmas Music Playlist... Part 2

As I've said before, when it comes to Christmas music, my tastes are pretty defined.  For example, I just don't get that new song about Maria and her bird...  And, although I like where I live, I've never thought Christmas in the Northwest was song-worthy.  But, that is my taste, and there is room for all of us out there.  And now...  to the next part of the list...

Believe it or not, Peter, Paul and Mary put out a couple of really good Christmas works.  Actually, only one is officially Christmas-centered, but the other only seems to be played around the holidays, so I am going to count it!

Perry Como is sure to be included in any traditional list, and mine is no exception.  Who doesn't get into the Christmas spirit when he sings about how great home is for the holidays?

A few years ago, when my daughter (someone who fully shares my love of the season, and looks forward as eagerly as I do to wall to wall Christmas music on the radio) still needed me to give her a ride to school, we turned on the radio on a cold and frosty morning in late November and heard this...

And finally, for today, one of my all time favorites, performed by two of my all time favorites...  The Christmas Waltz first by Frank Sinatra and, finally, by Doris Day.

One more thing...  In most cases, the YouTube links above were chosen for the songs, not for the graphics.  The following piece is one that I just came across, quite by accident, but it reminds us of some of the best holiday films around...  Enjoy!

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