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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Being Sick and Remembrance

Being sick is almost no fun.  I say almost because there are some real benefits to a bout of non-serious illness.  First, if you are lucky, you have a sympathetic spouse, friend or incredibly talented pet to care for you.  That means someone to bring you food, cold drinks, hot drinks and, if you are really lucky, someone to force you to take those dreadful Zicam fast melts (they DON'T melt fast enough and, as my mother always said, there are two kinds of luck).

Another advantage of said sickness is the chance to sleep during the day, without guilt.  If you are, again, lucky, you will also have a never-ending supply of Leave it to Beaver DVD's to go to sleep and wake up to.  There's something awfully comforting about the sound of June and Ward Cleaver chatting in the background.

I am not one to read when I am in bed sick, it takes far too much energy with a pounding headache, but I do love the happy sounds of the house in the background.  On Saturday, I had to leave my daughter's 18th birthday party early but, as I lay dozing in bed, it was awfully cozy to hear the sound of a happy party.  People singing around the piano, laughing, playing games...  I think I had a better time listening to the party!

Being mildly sick gives you a fresh perspective on all sorts of things.  At some point (I'm not quite there yet if Dreamy is reading this), laying in bed in the afternoon loses it's luster and you want to get back to the ral world.  And that's the nice part - you start to appreciate your "real" world just a little bit more.

I am very fortunate.  I have small, and even not-so-small, people who will creep into my room as I am sleeping to give me a kiss or a reassuring pat on the shoulder.  I have small people who will faithfully stand by the television set adjusting the volume to just the right level for me (this is no easy task on our TV!).  And, I have a wife who loves me enough to force those @#$%! Zicam's into my tightly pursed lips.  See, being sick isn't so bad!

And, now, Remembrance.  No, this is not some treacly passage about nostalgia.  It's actually a pleasant statement that today, on an ill-advised (I am sick, afterall) outing, we found a whole box of our favorite silver pattern, Remembrance!  And the price was really too amazing to pass up.  It's good to have enough nice flatware for a proper family dinner again, and it's also a reminder of how fun it can be to run into some of your favorite things when you least expect it.

Remembrance pattern by 1847 Rogers,
introduced in 1948.
So, here's to being sick and ill-advised outings...  both can be Dapper and Dreamy, if they work out just right!

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