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Saturday, October 8, 2011

You're Just Too Marvelous... Too Marvelous for Words...

Cue the music and read on...

The Dreamy side of this proposition has been busy these days.  Every day seems to be filled with another idea, another craft and another room completely turned upside down.  I believe I once wrote about her love and affection for Fabri-Tac, but there's more to her than that.

First, Melissa is determined.  In the past week alone we have taken at least three cars full of items that we once had to have to the local thrift shop.  She's taken drawers that I've cleaned and deemed in apple-pie order and turned them into organizational works of art.  We've probably halved our collection of DVD's and videos (and earned a little money in the process...  Thank you CD and Game Exchange), and I can actually see the floor under our bed.  I think she's on day two or three of the studio, a room you'll remember that we recently reordered, and I didn't think there was anything to get rid of there.

Melissa is also sure of herself...  When she makes a decision, she can withstand almost any amount of attempted influence.  Some might call this stubbornness (I can't imagine who), but I think she prefers to think of it as confidence and certainty.  This is why I frequently ask, as she's tossing something into a bag for Goodwill, "Are you sure you won't want that later?"  Sometimes, it has the desired effect of causing her to think again.  Other times, my query is met with the cold and steely glare of someone ready to downsize.  Of course, there are things that are regreted...  I've been hearing for days about how she wishes she hadn't given away our copy of Wuthering Heights.  (Between you and me, it's OK...  I didn't really like that movie anyway...)

More than anything, Melissa is creative.  She finds little bits here and there and does the most wonderful things with them.  And she's sometimes the only one who can see the possibilities.  Take the wooden heart wreaths as an example...  Smallish circles of wood with eight wooden hearts placed all around.  I am reminded of something painted in powdery blue and dusty rose with some sort of raffia bow at the top.  Melissa, on the other hand, sees shell buttons and glittery rainbows.  And then there are the little composer stickers...  The kind that look like postage stamps with, actually quite good, portraits of composers printed on them.  This is the sort of thing I love, but wouldn't know what to do with them practically.  Put them in tiny wooden frames painted in complementary colors and you have really charming little decorations for the top of your piano.

Love the Paris wall hanging, and who couldn't
adore our old friend Pierre...  That Audrey Hepburn/Holly Golightly
doll looks a little like she might have a wee hangover
from one of her "mahvelous" parties...

There are those composer pictures I told you about...
And the wreathes!  Glittery rainbow, Sweethearts and
cheery chintz! 

Believe me, that thing really sparkles...  Notice the
Alice in Wonderland clothespin doll...

I think these were once called "Sailor's Valentines".

More bits of fun...

The Little Red Riding Hood section...

Living with such an eye for creating, altering and improving is really a lot of fun.  You never know what knew things you will find in your house from day to day.  And it's equally enjoyable to see someone who so loves giving things away.  Although we've tried selling things, it's just not as fun as a spur of the moment gift to a friend.

So, there's my little tribute of the month to the dreamiest girl I know!

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