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Friday, September 9, 2011

New Art and Designs From Dapper and Dreamy

This was a particularly creative week in the Dapper and Dreamy studio.  Both of us have been at work on all kinds of little projects.  I thought I'd share some of them with you!

First, I've had a few jewelry designs running through my head for a while and decided to put them down on paper.  Actually, I seem to have a lot of such ideas flying about, but I don't think that the Queen is looking for any new tiara designs, so I'll have to settle for my smaller creations...

Sapphire, Diamond and Gold
Bar Brooch

Emerald, Diamond and Gold Ring

Pearl, Diamond and Gold Starburt Brooch

A smaller, simpler pearl, diamond and gold
starburst pin

I've also done a few new drawings that I'd like to use as card or calendar designs.  Unfortunately, the images don't scan perfectly, the ink marks are much less apparent in real life...

Labor Day Tea for Two

Summer Garden

Here's a birthday card I made for my uncle.  He is an artist par excellence, so it's always a bit of a challenge to give him something I've made.  I doubt that he actually critiques it, but I always feel that his is the real thing while mine is more of the "cute little picture" variety.  What I can tell you is that I have been greatly enjoying my Copic and Prismacolor markers lately...  as noted in my last post!

Here is an invitation I made for a 4th of July party earlier in the summer.  (Can you tell that I am in a tablescape kind of mood this summer...)  This is done is watercolors, which I love.  They are very forgiving, in my opinion, and what might be a mistake looks like a clever turn of the brush! 

And, finally, here is my favorite illustration, so far, from the forthcoming children's book about the Queen.  I should note that Severine is still about ready...  somehow there's a problem getting the illustrations to look right in the finished book.  Stay tuned!

Princess Elizabeth as a bridesmaid, 1932

I hope you are all making lots of fun things.  It's about time to start considering what one might want to make for Christmas gifts, or other interesting holiday projects.  I think that this year we'll take out our vintage Christmas idea magazines (McCall's, Better Homes and Gardens) and try our hands at some of those ultra kitsch 1950's and 60's decorations that, to me, really say, "Merry Christmas"!

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