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Friday, August 12, 2011

Candies of the Week... C. Howard's Violet Mints and Mozartkugeln

I know you are used to in-depth and sometimes sentimental articles from me, but I thought it was time to go for short and sweet...  literally!

For some reason, not a lot of people know about C. Howard's (I originally thought it was "Choward's, but I I am sometimes known to be an idiot) mints.  In reality, they aren't minty at all, but who am I do judge?  These violet flavored candies are, in a word, delicious.  They also give you amazingly violet-scented breath.

C. Howard's makes other kinds of "mints" (peppermint, spearmint and...  guava?), our other favorite being lemon.  Not too sweet and not too tart, they are a yummy and portable candy.  You can find these candy's in the Dapper and Dreamy Book Shop.

My second candy of the week has nothing to do with taste at all.  You see, I've never eaten on.  In this case, it's all about looks.  Having said that, it's said to be made of pistachio marzipan, nougat and covered in chocolate, and that sounds pretty good to me.  Mozartkugeln or, in English, Mozart balls have made in Austria since 1890 and seem to make their appearance in the United States around Christmastime.  I buy them just to set around the house in little dishes because they are so lovely to look at, in their gold and red foil wrappers with a portrait of the great composer himself on top.  They also remind me to revisit some of Mozart's great music when I feel the need to shift from the previous two month's worth of Christmas tunes.  It's one of those little touches that make a home fun!  We'll be adding these to the "book" shop as well.

So, sweeten up your life a little and indulge in some candy treats this weekend!  And, in the interest of fairness, I almost always find these candies at the local Cost Plus World Market.


  1. Those violet mints are fabulous!I love love love them!