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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Babies are Dreamy

Although the purpose of Dapper and Dreamy is to help expose people to the dapper and dreamy elements of life that they might have forgotten, or might not even have been aware of, today I want to write about something rather obvious...  babies.  Why?  Because we have lots and lots of experience with them here, and, because they truly are dreamy!

Our little Max (Maximilian James) is just seven months old and, like all of our little babies before, has brought nothing but sunshine into our home.  Yes, Max cries from time to time.  Yes, Max requires constant care and frequent changing.  But, can you think of anything more delightful than watching a tiny, but adorable, little nothing of a newborn transform into a bright-eyed, charming, funny and loving little person? 

When we brought Max home, he was in great demand by his seven older siblings.  I rarely even got the chance to hold him, there was so much competition!  Max tolerated it well and, despite the concerned gasps of grandmothers, has never been dropped by any of his brothers.  He is in less demand these days, after all this time, he's just another brother... But, he is still the cheerful plaything of the family - ever ready to bestow a smile on a big brother, and completely in love with his older sister.  In fact, when he see's Victoria, he absolutely shines with happiness and expectation.  It's so funny to see her holding him and to think of the spectrum of our family that they represent.

Babies bring out the best in people.  It's hard for me, not a generally cooing sort of person, to refrain from being overly effusive with baby talk when I hold little Max.  Singing truly silly songs and saying completely ridiculous things is one of the privileges of having a baby.  Just talking about him can bring a tear to my eye or cause my voice to catch - one seems to overflow with love for something so small and so perfect.  I must also admit a downside - my seeming inability to stop rocking back and forth when standing in line at the supermarket - even if I am not holding a baby...

Aside from all of this emotional mumbo jumbo, just think of all the fun things that accompany a baby...  Those tiny, soft cotton clothes.  Who else can you buy little footed pants of red and white stripes for?  And the smell of powder and baby lotion?  Simply intoxicating.  Fluffy blankets, cozy mittens, tiny socks, miniature combs and hairbrushes...  Baby bath gel, funny little meals in old-fashioned glass jars, pee-pee teepees (a new, but ingenious invention)...  The list of possible baby accoutrements is virtually endless.  But, in almost every case they have some things in common - they are soft, they are cute and they are the sort of thing you only ever buy for a baby.

I never really pictured myself as father material.  Obviously, someone with a hearty sense of humour had very different ideas.  What I can tell you is that, done with a willing heart, being the parent of a baby can make you a completely different, and infinitely better, person.  It can also give you the chance to read the most wonderful books, buy the most adorable bits of clothing, use the most deliciously scented skin care products, and spend hours doing nothing but holding a tiny, warm, fuzzy, yummy smelling, sleeping little person in your arms.  There is nothing dreamier than that.

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