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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Shopping in Eugene - Passionflower Design

Photo courtesy of
Passionflower Design
Shopping is a favorite pastime of ours...  Sometimes to our detriment!  But, one place that's always worth a visit is one of our favorite shops here in Eugene...  Passionflower Design.  It is absolutely filled with the most wonderful things to add a bit of beauty and luxury to your home and life.

Set on a charming, shop-filled stretch of East Broadway in downtown Eugene, Passionflower's merchandise may change with the seasons, but you will always be sure to find the loveliest bed and table linens, Tokyomilk products, candles, plants, pyjamas, carpets...  I'm doing it no justice with this list.  It's the sort of shop you have to see to believe.  Cards and stationary, beautiful and whimsical books, a make-your-own ukulele kit, striped candles, porcupine quills, pheasant feathers, magical jewelry, fabulously patterned tights - these are just some of the delightfully unpredictable melange of treasures that you'll encounter.

Aside from this huge array of amazing things to buy, you'll enjoy the atmosphere just as much.  It's the sort of place where you can feel entirely comfortable simply browsing, gasping at some newly discovered bibelot, calling your shopping partner over because you just have to show them!  It's just that sort of place.

The owner and staff are friendly and welcoming in the extreme.  You never feel that you are being sold, rather that they are just so excited to share their finds with you for the sheer joy of it.  You are greeted like a friend as much as a valued customer and you'll leave with as much, possibly even more, inspiration as merchandise.

If you're looking for the perfect gift for someone special in your life, you won't go wrong by visiting Passionflower.  By the same token, if you are looking for a way to spoil yourself, something you probably don't do enough of, you'll have no problem achieving your goal here.  As an aside, because we here at Dapper and Dreamy understand the concern for such things, you'll also find that prices are reasonable, sometimes surprisingly so.

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