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Thursday, June 16, 2011

A Place to Create... Part 1

A corner of one of the studio tables.
Photo by Lark Whicker
 Here at Dapper and Dreamy, we are preparing to open an Etsy store.  That will mean lots of interesting things to offer you and your friends.  It will also mean spending a lot of time creating, something we both love to do.  Whether it's creating in the kitchen, in the garden or in our studio, there are so many things to make and so little time to make them.  Just this morning I had ideas for so many things to do that I couldn't seem to pick one or two that I could actually accomplish, so I ended up mowing the lawn (it's a big lawn, so it took some time).  I also painted a picture that I've had forming in my mind for some time.  It's called Spring Green and is pretty abstract, but I like it.  I'll post a picture later on.  I'm thinking of doing a series based on different color schemes.

We are also working on several other projects.  Melissa is doing a lot of needlework and has created some clever cake toppers inspired by the Royal Wedding in April.  Glittery bottle-cap magnets also seem to be much in evidence - a rainbow of sparkly little baubles for your fridge or bulletin board!  I'm putting together a calendar - illustrating each month with an appropriate dessert, interesting quotes and dates - whatever comes to mind.  Finally (well, not really, but it's all I'm writing about today!), I am finishing up some illustrations for a children's book about Queen Elizabeth II and writing another QE2 related book, a sort of humorous novella about what would happen if the Queen, after 85 years, decided to have a complete makeover...  Stay tuned!

To do all of this, it's important to have a place to create.  I've tried every possible room in the house, including a shed, of sorts, in our carport.  Finally, we've decided to share space and we've put together a light-filled studio that allows us to work side-by-side.  It's a work in progress, but we all need somewhere to put our creative materials, whatever they may be, and to find inspiration.  I find that surrounding myself with photos, little drawings, magazine articles, postcards, books and anything else from which I've found ideas the best way to spur me on in the artistic process.  Music, light and lots of fun supplies certainly help as well!

Glitter and light...  two important components
for successful crafting!
Photo by Lark Whicker

And speaking of the word "artistic", like many people who love to paint, draw and design, I have a hard time actually calling myself an "artist".  It's unfortunate that we have come to feel that only those who are specially educated or who make their living "making" things are "true" artists.  Being an artist can be about a lot of things, but at the core I think it's about having a passion for making beautiful things.  Some talent surely helps, but art can be found in so many unlikely places that there are probably many more people who would qualify for the title than we think.  So, next time you feel compelled to explain away your artistic interests and accomplishments, think again.

Here's to creating, and to having a place to do it!

Take a look at some of our photos and let us know what inspires you to create...

Too many magazines!  Impossible to
throw away Martha Stewart Living,
Mary Engelbreit's Home Companion
and Victoria Magazines.
Photo by Lark Whicker
Vintage art and a collection of business
cards from favorite shops.
Photo by Lark Whicker

Light flooding through a bright
Indian cotton curtain.
Photo by Lark Whicker

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