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Thursday, June 9, 2011


Vintage chintz - certainly inspiring!
There are so many places to find inspiration.  People, books, blogs, nature...  the list is almost endless.  Two of our favorite inspirations are people who have blogs, write books and have a love of nature!  They are all-inlcusive inspirations.

The first is Alicia Paulson, author of books on embroidery and creator of the blog Posie Gets Cozy.  Not only will you learn all kinds of things about needlecrafts like embroidery and knitting, but you'll see fabulous pictures of her home and life, recipes and endless inspiration about how to live fully, stylishly and happily.  Alicia Paulson and her work are so loved by us that during Melissa's last labor, she worked on an Alicia Paulson Christmas ornament kit until, literally, moments before baby Max appeared!  You can't have a dapper and dreamy life without acquainting yourself with Alicia and her blog.

Another inspiration is Jane Brocket, author of several books including The Gentle Art of DomesticityI believe that she also has newer books on quiltmaking and knitting.  The Gentle Art of Domesticity changed our lives, not to speak too dramatically.  In fact, when we want to have a day devoted to creating, reading and a good movie, we'll call it a "Gentle Art" day.  It is a beautiful book that reminds one of the comforts of domestic life.  Jane covers books, films, food...  so many things, in fact, that I can't list them all here.  It was a treat to find a book that showcased so many of the things we already loved while introducing us to many more.  Jane Brocket's blog Yarnstorm keeps domesticity center stage with posts on her family life, projects, love of flowers, travel...  so many wonderful topics.

As we go on, we'll list other people, places and things that have inspired us.  Leave us a comment with yours!

You can now find Alicia Paulson's and Jane Brocket's wonderful books in the Dapper and Dreamy Bookshop!

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